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Proofreading is Crucial

As a published author, I understand the importance and necessity of proofreading your work. The proofreader is your last line of defense to eliminate as many errors from your work as possible. An objective pair of trained eyes are a must after the editing phase has been completed. Whether you are writing a novel, a blog post, an academic paper, or anything else, the final polish is crucial to eliminate errors that are hiding within your work.

Quality Proofreading

As your proofreader, I will not only read your work from front to back, but I will also read it from back to front! This method gives me the opportunity to first feel the flow of the work. The first read is also a great opportunity to perform fact checking within the work. In this first reading I also look for errors such as: grammar, spelling, typographical, punctuation, spacing, extra words, omitted words, and any inconsistencies within the work.

On the second read of your work I will look much closer at the spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors within the work. I will also pay special attention to indenting, spacing, and other formatting errors.

I am currently the editor of two monthly print publications, and I will certainly point out anything I see that is incorrect in usage, has readability issues, or just doesn’t make sense. Putting your best work forward is my top priority.

A Low-Cost Solution to All of your Proofreading Needs

I work from a home office, allowing me to keep my overhead costs low. My proofreading rates are generally under a penny per word. If your work needs anything more than a final polish, I will bring it to your attention. Knowing your proofreader and having access to him for progress updates and revisions is crucial. I am here to help polish your work and make it as clear, concise, and error-free as possible. As your proofreader, I strive to remain available by phone and email throughout the entire process.

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