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Professional Proofreading Services
Professional Proofreading Services

Book proofreading is the final step in the writing process before your manuscript is published. Whether self-publishing your book or e-book, or sending it to a traditional publisher, the importance of a final proofread should not be underestimated. The final proofread of your manuscript is designed to eliminate the common errors and mistakes that you and the editor no longer see.

The written work you present to publishers is a direct reflection of your hard work, dedication, and belief in your writing. If you don’t care enough to present your work in a polished form, they will not care enough to finish reading it.

Book Proofreading is your Last Line of Defense

All writers benefit from a final proofread. As the author, you are too close and familiar to the material in your book or manuscript. Your brain will fill in gaps, swap letters, and fix most errors it encounters without you ever seeing the mistakes. Those errors, however, remain in the text of your book.

An objective pair of eyes from a book proofreader, someone unfamiliar with the story and content of the book, can dramatically reduce the obnoxious errors in your book. A book proofreader knows what to pay special attention to, and will cross-reference spelling and grammar usage throughout the book. Book proofreading is much more than a manual spell check, it is the only defense to auto-correct.

Spell checking is an important part of book proofreading, but it’s only a start. Spell check will not find grammar mistakes, improper word usage, punctuation errors, omitted words, inconsistencies withing the book, and many other common errors.

Book proofreading is done by those who have a special talent. The human brain is designed to fix mistakes as you see them. The brain of a book proofreader is missing the trigger that fixes the mistakes it sees. A professional book proofreader has a “special gift” if you will, and is very knowledgeable in the language they proofread.

Your book needs to be as error-free as possible. After the editing phase has been completed and you are satisfied with your book, send it to a professional book proofreader and see the difference!

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